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Download YouTube Videos, Music and Short clips for free. Fast & Reliable application, with a builtin download manager.

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Simply The Smoothest YouTube Downloader Out There.

Our application runs on your device, so we don't need servers running on our side to maintain the speed and the services. As long as you have internet connection the application will never slow down!


Each section of the application is designed with user experience comfort in mind. The application is made to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


The application smartly manages faulty downloads and re-tries downloading the corrupted sections so your download never pauses or slows down.


Taking advantage of Android CPU lock and multi-threaded processing our application is always guaranteed to offer the full possible speed and power for your downloads.


All the files and connections are only known by your device and YouTube. Enjoy the safe downloading experience where no third party is invovled in providing the downloading service.

How The App Works?

Find The Target Video

Find the video you want to download. There will be a "Share" button nearby the Like and Dislike buttons. Share the video to YT Download Application. The application will be opened and the processing of the video will be started.

Choose The Quality

After video processing is finished, the application will list a variety of qualities for you to choose from. You can choose from a simple MP3 audio file to 8K 60FPS video file. Once you find the quality you want, touch the Download button.

Download Processing

In this stage the targetted media file will start processing and your download will be ready in seconds. When the download is being done you can minimize the app and come back later when the download is finished and the file is ready.

Open / Save Media

Once the download is finished you can open the media and enjoy watching the content offline or you can Save the media file by granting storage permission to the application. Downloaded media files will be stored at '/Download/YT Lite Downloader'.

Loaded With Features You Would Absolutely Love.

TopTube application besides of being lite and smooth in user experience comes with astonishing design aesthetics. While you enjoy the animated functions of the app, we at the back-end has developed a sophisticated download manager which properly and smartly handles your downloads and connection errors.

Builtin Download Manager

The builtin downloaders manager helps you to download the media files faster than ever. Having the smart multi-threaded download system implemented, you will always download at the fastest possible speed.

Multi Featured

With our application you are able to download media content from YouTube Videos, YouTube Shorts and YouTube Music. Supporting wide variety of content and resolution up to 8K videos.

Fast & Secure

TopTube does not invovle third parties in your download experience, your phone directly communicates with YouTube servers without any interferences or delays.


TopTube is built from the scratch with the aim of optimistion and speed. The application's features are made sure to run perfectly with each other and no single redundant line of code exists in the programming of the application.

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